ESL isn’t all bad, far from it – and here’s why…

ESL isn’t all bad, far from it – and here’s why…
The sheer gall of him....

Ok, the ESL is really putting the cat among the pigeons and most fans and the football world have reacted in absolute rage.

I wanted to clear up Ibrox Noise’s stance on this, why we sit where we sit and the reasons for it.

First off, the ESL, for us, is not a completely bad thing – money-spinning glamour ties most weeks against a wide variety of amazing sides, for the supporters of those involved. And for neutrals.

Now, that is attractive, and frankly the only football argument against that is it’ll get boring – well, that’s kind of how a league format works and no one argues the PL, Serie A et al are boring just because they play the same teams 2 or three times a season.

It’s a nonsense argument, in truth.

However, the big yells of ‘sellout’ or ‘greed’ etc are dominating this – and the funniest bit is seeing UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin claiming football is all about respect and the fans. Is he serious?

It has been the most toxic pile of **** governance for decades, and now suddenly it claims to be all about the fans, respect and integrity?

Give me a f*cking break, sorry. And what’s worse is some fans are swallowing it, an organisation who only a week or so ago gave Glen Kamara a 3 match ban for being racially abused and Kudela just 10 days for the abuse.

Ceferin sat preaching in front of ‘respect’ made us sick.

But it’s more than that. The ESL is a protest – against FIFA and UEFA. And it’s a group of teams who have had enough of how the game is governed by these two – these greedy, corrupt organisations, and now they wish to have their own competition under their own rules.

Can someone ACTUALLY say what’s wrong with that?

James Milner was last night asked by Geoff Shreeves why he didn’t like the ESL, and for all the protests, the midfielder wasn’t actually able to give a clear answer why.

Bear in mind, it’s the PL, the CL etc who are threatening to kick these teams out, NOT the other way around. They are not wanting to leave any existing competition.

All the fans claiming their clubs are a disgrace and this and that – why? Just because this new competition won’t have relegation? Is that it? What if a second tier is introduced which DOES have relegation? Would that be ok?

Furthermore, bear in mind the CL will have a universally-loathed new format in a few years, and it too is provoking this. The CL has also promoted elistism the past decade, separating the rich from the poor and it’s actually comical that they and fans are using that now in support of them and against this new competition.

Guys, UEFA have had it all their own way forever – you’ve all loathed this organisation for years, and they play it by their rules.

Now some clubs with influence and power threaten the monopoly and you want none of that?

We get that change is scary, but the reality is football is sterile, and has been struggling financially with Covid among other things.

What is wrong with a new European competition which throws variety into the mix?

One last thing – a lot of claims this takes things away from the fans. How, exactly? Fans weren’t consulted about the PL breakaway in the 90s, they weren’t consulted about the SPL evolutions down the years and they weren’t consulted about the new CL format in the early 90s changing from the EC.

In fact, fans have NEVER been asked by the authorities for our consent on anything.

Can anyone elaborate on why that only matters now and didn’t before?

Over to you lot, we are listening.

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  1. It’s all a bit academic now since clubs are seeing sense and withdrawing from the competition but this breakaway League was NOT for the benefit of football. It was for the benefit of the clubs who initially agreed to take part and ONLY those clubs. The Real Madrid chairman said he thought it was a good idea. Well surprise surprise of course he did. The notion they were doing this for the greater good of football is laughable.
    For a start the English clubs still intended to play in the EPL at the weekend, if allowed, then play in the ESL midweek. You could be sure that they would utilise their squad and play weakened teams in the EPL devaluing the competition in the same way they have already devalued the once famous FA Cup. They may also feel the need to have larger squads and suck every half decent player out of the EPL and beyond to play him 10 times a season propping up their EPL side.
    It would weaken international football if ESL players were banned. Not something that concerns me but I know it’s important to others.
    You could also be sure that the new ESL would dominate the TV schedules and TV companies money meaning less money for less important leagues like the decimated EPL and the poor old SPFL.
    Good riddance to a very bad idea and shame to those clubs that thought they were better than well over a hundred years of footballing heritage in Europe.
    To quote David Baddiel from TV tonight. Football needs Ying and Yang. You need the humdrum of 0-0 between Chelsea and Brighton to appreciate the brighter moments. If every game is a big game then no game is a big game.

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