Celtic meltdown as Rangers’ influence takes dramatic twist

Celtic meltdown as Rangers’ influence takes dramatic twist
Rangers' head coach Steven Gerrard pictured during a press conference of Scotish club Rangers FC, Wednesday 21 October 2020, in Liege. Tomorrow they will meet Belgian soccer Standard de Liege in the first day of the group phase (group D) of the UEFA Europa League competition. BELGA PHOTO VIRGINIE LEFOUR (Photo by VIRGINIE LEFOUR/BELGA MAG/AFP via Getty Images)

Celtic’s meltdown has continued onto writing a ‘strongly-worded letter’ to the SFA to demand an explanation on the delay for Nathan Patterson and the Covid Crew’s hearing which leaves them free to face Celtic, while Celtic’s Bolingoli hearing was fast-tracked within days.

Why? Because the game in Scotland isn’t yours any more, Celtic, it’s ours now.

While the BBC continue to toot your horn, they too will come round eventually as it starts to emerge just how exiled Parkhead are now becoming from the elite of the Scottish game – Lawwell and Hammond and Lennon and Brown have all quit, which was basically all of their key stormtroopers over the past while.

Now it’s Rangers’ interest the key powers in Scotland are starting to play the tune to, and we can only dare to speculate what strings were pulled in high up places to ensure the hearing was timed so nicely as to leave our one available RB free for facing Celtic.

Either way, Celtic have had it all their own way for a decade – the only explanation now they’ll get is that it’s not all their own way any more.

Sorry not sorry.

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  1. “Its ours now”😂😂😂
    💪👏👏👏 love it I.N

  2. There’s no way the football authorities will act in Rangers interest, but they may well stop acting in Celtic’s interest so much to the detriment of the rest. Impartiality is all thats required. (admittedly that will be a shock to Celtic.)

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