BBC agenda clear amidst Celtic crisis as Rangers ignored

BBC agenda clear amidst Celtic crisis as Rangers ignored
Pretty blatant really.

So, as we know, Celtic are in complete crisis. 10IAR dead, a bereft squad, no manager, and a pile of their stormtroopers leaving.

But if the BBC were to be believed, everything is basically fine at Parkhead…

On the day of the latest resignation in the East End of Glasgow, AKA sporting director Nick Hammond, not a word on it from Pacific Quay’s finest, and instead a small ditty on Scott Brown’s ‘new adventure’ and a big splash of Eddie Howe’s smiling face as the Beeb positively spin as much as they can from Celtic Park.

Yes, during a time where everything Rangers is positive now, where there’s tonnes of good news (Covid Crew aside) from all things Ibrox, the Beeb instead focus on bigging up as much they can on Celtic.

True, there’s a bit on Allan McGregor’s new deal, but the fact that so little of Rangers’ positivity is there on their site, and it’s covered instead with attempts at being optimistic about Celtic is pretty telling.

It’s telling that nothing has actually changed with the Beeb.

All they’re doing now is mentioning Rangers in a negative light a bit less. They still refuse to cover Celtic’s trauma in a fair and accurate manner.

Remember the constant headlines from the 2012- era? Constant Rangers bad this that the next thing – but with the shoe on the other foot and Celtic now in disarray, and the Beeb try to spin it lightly.

We’re not surprised, but if they want to ingratiate themselves again to the finest team in the land, this is definitely a big step back from it.

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  1. This is typical of that disgraceful shower . That little wretch McLaughlin really hates all things Rangers and his cohorts seems to have the same attitude. If the rotten mob get Eddie Howe then bring it on . The guys a decent coach ( all be it he failed miserably at Burnley !) but that mob and the expectations are a different . The only way to sort the BBC is to treat them with the disrespect they show us.

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