Anti-Rangers troll now barred from Ibrox?

Anti-Rangers troll now barred from Ibrox?
Aberdeen v NSI Runavik - UEFA Europa League - First Qualifying Round - Pittodrie Stadium former player Michael Stewart during the UEFA Europa League qualifying first round match at Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen. PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY Copyright: xJeffxHolmesx 55267294

Rangers have reportedly barred Michael Stewart from Ibrox following the controversial pundit’s latest anti-Rangers smear, when he questioned Glen Kamara’s accusations of racism against Czech player Ondrej Kudela.

“I want an understanding that there needs to be caution taken here because, I’ll go back to it, at Victoria Park Michael Gardyne was being hung, drawn and quartered as some sort of… I think it was a homophobic slur that was supposedly said. Nothing came of it.[..] and we can all hear things that might not have.”

This isn’t the only offending statement, but we’ll analyse this properly.

First off, we want to be clear – we don’t want free speech banned or the thought police in town. We’ve seen what happens to free speech when extremist groups don’t like what someone says. So Stewart is entitled to his opinion.

However, the problem here is he’s casting doubt on Kamara’s character, and effectively claimed he may have been hearing things.

Now, semantically speaking, he’s not wrong – it’s true that anyone can misunderstand what is being said, and there is certainly a language barrier from continental players to English-speaking ones.

However, if Stewart had paid close and forensic attention to the incident, Kudela’s OWN black team mates also reacted to his comments with the same outrage that Kamara did, failing to back him up at all and looking on in shock.

In short, Kamara had absolutely no reason to lie, and his insistence on abuse was backed up by not only his own team mates, but the reactions of the black players on Prague’s XI that night.

And it’s not the first time Stewart has smeared Rangers when it comes to racism, suggesting Alfredo Morelos was lying about being racially abused, both on and off the pitch, when we have all SEEN him racially abused both on and off.

In short, Stewart is misguidedly trying to play ‘devil’s advocate’, and deploy rationale in a sensitive situation.

Unfortunately for him, he’s picked completely the wrong topic to try and ‘look at it from all angles’, and by questioning prominent black Rangers players, all he’s done is made himself look incredibly stupid, and offensive to the characters of those without reason to ‘make it up’.

He’s been notorious for some anti-Rangers piffle over the years, pretty much because of being butthurt at failing the trial back in the day, but it seems like Rangers have had enough and information is he’s no longer welcome at Ibrox.

Can only blame yourself, Michael.

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  1. Good riddance. The man’s opinion on Football is as irrelevant as he is. Tries to be like Chris Sutton but only has a failure of a career to back him up. Disgrace of a man.

  2. I’m amazed at how he gets employed in any capacity to do with football. I speak more sense about football than he does & that’s saying something 🤣

  3. Chris Sutton gets reactions even i don’t care about him Micheal Stewart knows nowt about football his manager craig levien says it was the worse£1 he ever spent on him

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