A fanbase with no shame – Praha continue torrent of abuse

A fanbase with no shame – Praha continue torrent of abuse
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Kirk O Rourke/Rangers FC/Shutterstock 11805064ct Connor Goldson of Rangers confronts Ondrej Kdela of Slavia Praha during the Europa League last 16 match at Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow. Rangers v Slavia Prague, UEFA Europa League, Round Of 16, Second Leg, Football, Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow, UK - 18 Mar 2021

As we know, Kemar Roofe has described how racists have been attacking him on social media daily, and let’s face it, they’re almost certainly all Czech.

James Tavernier attended a summit to tackle racism and by all accounts it was productive, but it’s time for Ibrox Noise to speak up as well.

For the past two weeks, ever since the infamous clash between Rangers and the Czech racists, our page has been completely inundated by Czech racists, trolls, mockery, abuse – you name it.

Not until today have we spoken out about this, but Roofe was brave to talk about the racism he gets daily, and it’s our duty to call out Slavia Praha and their fans for the constant abuse we’re getting on our channels.

Public comments, private messages, you name it – insults, attacks, smears, all from a fanbase who allege their man wasn’t being racist. Or worse, was, and that’s ‘absolutely fine’.

On a daily basis, we get slaughtered left right and centre by these hooligans, jobs, racists you name it – and all because we called out Kudela for being racist – like everyone else in world football has.

The reality is Praha are as bad as Celtic fans – two vile clubs who obsess over Rangers and swarm our sites and pages to abuse us.

I can honestly, hand on heart, say I have only ever been on Celtic channels maybe 5 times in my entire life, and only to fact check for Ibrox Noise.

I have zero interest in Celtic, and I can equally say I have never ever been on Prague pages or channels or sites, and never will.

But they, like Celtic, are obsessed with us, and swarm with abuse and ridicule.

All because they’re racist.

Not a single comment condemning Kudela, or their peers – all of it to a one insults and smears.

Slavia Praha – toxic from bottom to top.

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