Yet more Parkhead humiliation prior to Old Firm showdown

Yet more Parkhead humiliation prior to Old Firm showdown
Keeping something out or in....

The farce of the impending Old Firm match has continued after Celtic once again erected barriers outside Parkhead to quell the potential crowds who may congregate.

It is up in the air as to whether this match will actually go ahead, but to calm their own hordes especially, the eastern side have put up fences and barricades to create a border.

It’s designed to stop anyone from trying to enter the stadium, or mingle with opposition fans, and there are genuine fears fans from both sides will descend on the area which is creating the threats of the match being called off.

That’s right, not just postponed, but outright cancelled until such time that it can be played safely.

And by then it’s moot anyway as the match is a dead rubber and only any use for Rangers rubbing Celtic’s faces in it.

Which, let’s face it, is a brilliant reason to make sure the match does take place.

But if the barriers have their way, it might not.

Time will tell.

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