UEFA must act now and dump Praha from UEL

UEFA must act now and dump Praha from UEL
They must take action...

Praha’s accusations that UEFA delegates witnessed the alleged tunnel fracas last night deepens the sordid story of the match’s fallout, and brings Europe’s governing square into the thick of this story, along with MD Robertson’s confirmation the incident has been reported to them.

But the most important aspect here is UEFA have done nothing but cream themselves silly over ‘equal game’ ‘respect’ and BLM for the past decade – if they do absolutely nothing about this, they only look like the most blowhard hollow idiots this side of the Atlantic.

The simple reality is this is their ballpark – they’ve put millions into advertising anti-racism and equality – faced with a massive racism issue, one which looks open and shut to us, they MUST show they’re not an empty vessel and take the action they need to.

Many have asked Praha to be dumped out the competition and Rangers to go through as punishment – no, we don’t agree with that. The better team won rightly, and we have no complaints.

No, what Praha deserve is for Arsenal to be defaulted and go through to the semis. Give the Gunners the semi place, rip it away from the Czech racists and that will hurt more than anything.

Simply put, Praha brought UEFA into this, it’s only fair UEFA punish them in the fairest way – by taking from them.

This situation is a minefield, and UEFA have the power to carry out justice – sorry, but Kamara just doesn’t lie or indeed explode at just a small provocation.

And UEFA’s investigation will surely uncover that.

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  1. I dont hold up much hope for UEFA to do the correct thing even knowing all of their massive Racism Process and Procedures . It would be great if they did get a massive fine and Kudela banned , etc even lose the QF place. BUT it wont happen sorry . Its sickening.

    • They should be kicked out of the competition and the player should be banned from all football for 6 months with a further 2 year ban from European games and fined the equivalent of prize money received in the previous round. Anything less would be an insult to all affected players and an embarrassment to UEFA. If the punishment is any less then all Rangers players should refuse to take the knee from now on. I’ve said from the start that taking a knee couldn’t possibly be supported by every single player and was therefore an empty gesture. Here’s the proof.

  2. you are absolutely correct kamarra wouldnot lie about a thing like that i hope they punish that non human kudela severly and also his clubit with bated breath to see how uefa deal with it we are all behind glen on this one ..

  3. All year professional footballers have been taking the knee for BLM, if UEFA do nothing then all this was meaningless severe actions have to be made if not then they will not eradicate racism in football its a joke..

  4. how do they prove what he said its one mans word against another reactions dont count ask all those divers who try for penalties or roll about half a park as if they been shot if clear and precise then throw the book at the player and club or do we condemn all who put their hand to their mouth and say something i see it all the time in every game even managers so what are they saying yes they are saying what we want them to say unless we ban all actions of putting your hand over your mouth to talk then just as all seem to think they will go through to next round and so they should

    • Are you at the wind up. It’s not a court of law so doesn’t require the same degree of evidence. Zungu is a witness. A Slavia player (on loan) was close by and could be called. There is video evidence of the player using the term. There is video evidence of Slavia players going down the tunnel and the reported mayhem is nowhere to be seen. There is evidence where the goalkeeper on the bench confirmed what was said. There is evidence that Slavia are lying on so many levels. Slavia have recent history of racism. This stuff is all out there without looking too hard.
      We shouldn’t let this lie.

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