There was one glaring absence at Rangers’ title party

There was one glaring absence at Rangers’ title party
Watch your champions for way less.

If there was one big absence from Sunday’s monumental achievement, it was Niko Katic. The massive Croat lost the season last summer with a dreadful ACLI, and has been working like a dog to get back fit for early this year, but it wasn’t to be and there’s no known time frame for his return.

He did post a positive message on his social media on Sunday, and it was heartening to see it – he was clearly very proud to be one of us, and is committed to being ready for 56.

And we think he will.

He has now got four months to get himself fit and ready for pre-season, and hopefully, after the horrible long road he’s been on, that’s enough to get his fitness over the line.

The lad is a warrior, and no one will be more broken than him to have not been part of Rangers on the pitch this season.

But you are VERY much part of us Niko – you’ve put yourself in the hurt, in the pain, given us everything, and we love you very much and can’t wait to see you back.

There’s no denying he has the tools to be a truly amazing defender for this club, and we’ve seen in fits and starts how good he is.

Hopefully Nikola Katic is fit, healthy, and ready this summer to become a true mainstay of this Rangers team.

He’s more than earned it.

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