The biggest fall and rise in football history

The biggest fall and rise in football history
Rangers - Ibrox Stadium A Rangers fan wears a Steven Gerrard mask outside of the Ibrox Stadium, home of Rangers FC. Picture date: Sunday March 7, 2021. PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY Copyright: xRobertxPerryx 58477010

We have to say, we’re simply amazed right now. I know I speak for the whole Ibrox Noise team and likely the whole fanbase, who are in delirium at winning title 55 at long, long last, after the most ludicrously long wait, having been lambasted in Scottish football for a decade.

It is now us who are laughing, us who are proud of owning this league, and it’s all absolute thanks to one man:

Steven Gerrard.

It’s simple – Stevie has achieved in just under 3 years at Ibrox, as a brand new manager, a rookie, legendary and borderline Godlike status for what he’s done since saying ‘let’s go’ in May 2018.

We lack the proficient words in our lexicon to describe his impact, which is every inch up there with Sir Walter and Sir William – all we can say is we’re amazed that this rookie manager with a legendary reputation as a player has come in and turned Rangers into a Scottish and European powerhouse.

We’re lost for words at winning this title, we’re thrilled beyond compare – and it’s all because he took the biggest risk of his career – leaving his boyhood team as a youth coach to usurp the Celtic juggernaut.

Many in our support had huge doubts, but many believed – and we must say even they couldn’t have envisaged what we see now:

The Celtic ‘juggernaut’ gone, and the rise of the Rangers back to not only the top of the Scottish tree, but possibly one of the best Rangers teams many of us have ever seen.

But it’s not just that, it’s not just winning the title – it’s winning the title after everything we’ve been through. 10 years in the wilderness to the top of the table and the Premiership crown is the biggest story in the history of football.

No bigger fall has ever been seen in the sport, and no bigger rise either.

And it’s all because Steven Gerrard made that decision 3 years ago.

Thank you Sir Stevie G, you’re one of us and you’re a God to us.

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  1. I’ve lived through 9 in a row, some real special moments in our clubs history but this simple eclipses everything before it. This has been 10 years in the making and everyone involved deserves credit for their part. Enjoy this bears!

  2. I echo all that you say. We are Simply the Best , no better than us . Steven and his coaches made us all believe again, they also created a Team of Winners . It’s amazing Onwards 56

  3. Well done Stevie G Rangers legend. I thought you were an inspired choice when you first came in and believed in you all the way. Even during some dark moments it was plain to see we were improving year on year. Thanks to you and your fantastic team we are all walking a wee bit taller today. WATP

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