Supporting Rangers & Scotland… or not…

Supporting Rangers & Scotland… or not…
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With Scotland scraping another point this time at the hands of serial nemesis Israel, we have to emphasise how little love we now have for the national team.

When it comes to international breaks, we take interest in all the countries our players play for – Finland, Croatia, Romania, Sweden, Colombia and Canada, to name but six, but we have to say despite Jon McLaughlin (and Jack) being called up for Scotland, it’s hard to give any kind of figs about Clarke’s Scotland.

In truth, we’ve had no real interest or love for the NT for a long time – the persecution of Rangers put paid to that ever since Loch Lomond.

But today’s NT features effectively no Rangers involvement (admittedly Rangers have only one real outfield player Clarke can actually call up) and with that, interest has failed to return.

But we do care about the other countries our players fly their flag for – Sweden, Romania, Nigeria, Croatia – that’s where our interest is, in seeing our players do themselves and their club proud by putting in a shift.

Of course, it’s always nice to see your players thrive for their country – it gets global attention, raises their profile, their value, and of course Rangers’ profile too.

But that just isn’t there when it comes to Scotland. Ryan Jack will never be worth much, Jon McLaughlin won’t be either, and watching the NT is a chore.

Sure, there are a bunch of players with Rangers connections – Fleck, McBurnie, Dykes to an extent – but that’s slim pickings.

Instead we’re more interested in how Sweden, or Croatia or Finland are doing, because our players are involved and it matters.

Just wish we felt the same about Scotland.

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  1. After Jack got booed by HIS OWN support for no other crime other than being a Rangers player my interest in the NT died and it’ll take a lot to reignite the fire I once had for them.

  2. Let’s be brutally honest here. I don’t give a toss about the midden that is Scotland’s national set up and the team. I never watch them , I admit to wishing them the worst . Those flag waving saddos with their glengarry etc are not representative of the proper Scottish football fans now. As we know those of the rotten mob dance to a different Irish tune which is also another example of why Scottish football is not supported . No, they can ram it . It’s a pity we couldn’t shake ourselves free from the whole shabang and join the EPL but unfortunately that won’t happen . No World Cup again methinks

  3. I’m Scottish through and through and will always support our national team but by Christ is it a chore. Watching Scotland has made me realise how spoiled we are as Teddy Bears these last 3 years. Clarke had the better of us at club level for a while, but can you imagine being a Killie fan enduring that every week?

  4. I’ll always support the national team because I’m Scottish. Some of the numpty fans annoy me and Clark is a clown, but they represent the country of my birth and therefor get my support. Sure, I’m delighted when Hagi has a good game for Romania for example, but i couldn’t care less about any country other than Scotland. This article gives Rangers fans a bad name.

    • A bad name with who? Nobody likes us and given the chance, as they got in 2012, they would happily piss all over our grave. Scotland may well be the country of my birth but I couldn’t give a shit about the NT and even less about the tartan clad losers. Still watch and support the rugby guys because they play with pride, heart and dignity and you don’t have the same baggage with the fans.

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