Sturgeon officially blames Rangers for rise in Covid

Sturgeon officially blames Rangers for rise in Covid
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Nicola Sturgeon has officially blamed Rangers and our fans for the spike in Covid 19 cases over the past 10 days as seen in Glasgow City.

Following the gathering of thousands of our fans at Ibrox and then George Square, there was a rise of cases in the country’s biggest city, and despite claims from supporters that 10 days isn’t enough time to see a rise, the First Minister argues otherwise and has firmly put the increase from 0.8% in Glasgow to 5.3% infection rate at the door of that gathering.

Whatever side you take, the club is most definitely telling fans to stay well away from Parkhead this Sunday, and we imagine that’s advice that some fans may not heed.

But Sturgeon’s quotes are very explicit:

“In terms of the case numbers, we have seen an increase in the last week. As the Chief Medical Officer said last week there have been a small number of cases of people that were gathering as part of the football incident last weekend. We may see more of that given the incubation of the virus that may not have fully worked its way through yet.”

According to the medical boss, the gathering was a cause. Now, you might not agree, or believe that, and you might be slaughtering this site and telling us we’re not epidemiologists, as some of you have done before, but common sense does tell us this virus spreads through close proximity of crowds.

And the club backs that up, otherwise Tavernier wouldn’t be telling us to stay home.

Whether the numbers were indeed a result of that gathering or not, the reported science and government say yes.

In fairness, the SNP would stick the boot into Rangers no matter what – so don’t give them an excuse.

Stay home.

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  1. Surprise surprise its Rangers Fans that caused it . It was in current rules silly but expected that it would be rolled into percentages that these unlawful gatherings caused a spike . Unfortunately we have no way of disproving either way so as usual we have to take it . I didn’t attend either gatherings ,but I have to accept it was wrong , I was however singing at the TV with them lol

  2. This is political gesturing by the SNP. Firstly the numbers were already on the rise. Secondly it’s too early for those numbers to fully filter through from that weekend. What’s happening here is the SNP are using those events to say to the public that gathering in crowds and catching Covid go hand in hand. What happened that weekend was wrong and will almost certainly result in some kind of rise in the numbers but it just seems too convenient for the SNP to lay the blame at the feet of Rangers fans. It plays well to their base supporters and elections are just around the corner. Get out and vote against them.

  3. For journalists that was pretty lazy. Have they shown proof of a rise in cases an can they directly link them to rangers supporters and the public title celebrations? Wee nippy is known for her lies so I would take what she says with a pinch of salt.

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