Stevie G makes brilliant statement Gers fans will love

Stevie G makes brilliant statement Gers fans will love
Steven Gerrard file photo File photo dated 29-11-2020 of Rangers manager Steven Gerrard. Issue date: Wednesday March 10, 2021. FILE PHOTO FILE PHOTO PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY Copyright: xAndrewxMilliganx 58527861

Steven Gerrard has produced a brilliantly gung-ho attitude to the Europa League, by hinting Rangers have every chance of winning it.

And of course we do.

After our worst first half of the UEL by some distance this season, hungover and mentally miles off the pace, Rangers still went in after the 45 minutes level with an extremely strong Praha side who’d thrown quite a lot at the visitors.

Then we produced much better in the second and earned the away goal overall.

So, if even an off day can get us a result against a very strong team, what happens when we’re in form ourselves?

Stevie’s attitude is dead on – we are in this to win it, not to make up the numbers.

Sure, it might not happen – we might find a barrier too high at some point – but we’ve demonstrated an incredible level in the EL, and there’s nothing stopping us surprising everyone by going very very far indeed.

“We have dreamed since we got the qualification. There is no harm in dreaming.”

Stevie has ambition – and that’s a passive aggressive way of his admitting he has genuine intent on going all the way.

Why shouldn’t we?

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  1. I don’t like it when we get ahead of ourselves. At the moment we’ve got a very difficult second leg ahead of us against a good team. Don’t forget Leicester got a draw in Prague then got beat at home to go out. I’ll think about the next game if we’re in the hat for the next round.

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