Slavia have just shot themselves in the foot….

Slavia have just shot themselves in the foot….
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Stuart Wallace/BPI/Shutterstock 11804817ej Glen Kamara and Connor Goldson of Rangers confront Ondrej Kudela of SK Slavia Prague after alleged racist remarks at the Rangers players as Referee Orel Grinfeeld of Israel try to calm them down Rangers v Slavia Prague, UEFA Europa League, Round Of 16, Second Leg, Football, Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow, UK - 18 Mar 2021

Simon Deli, Ibrahim Traore, Oscar Dorley, Peter Olayinka, Abdallah Sima – chances are you know one or two of those names, having been watching Rangers’ ‘adventures’ against Czech side Slavia Praha over the past week.

Well, their club has just thrown them under the bus by denying Kudela’s racism towards Glen Kamara, showing that they have no honour with this club.

And who’s betting Praha’s performances are going to suffer now, as a massive chunk of their team starts to underperform?

Every black player with this club has been told the clear racism against an opponent ‘didn’t happen’ despite the absolute clarity that it did. They have borderline been told this act is acceptable and Kudela not only doesn’t need to apologise for it, he doesn’t even need to admit it.

Praha have now, unwittingly, defended a racist, and alienated half their first team in the process.

By refusing to condemn his behaviour, they’ve condoned it – in fact they’ve downright defended it, and made fatuous claims at Rangers about fictional acts of violence.

And now the black players, if not overtly, will certainly have that seed planted inside them, knowing now what Kudelka really thinks of them.

We know, it’s a racist part of the world, and these players are used to crowds and their monkey chants. It happens there, and we know this.

But to have the players you live and die for smearing the colour of your skin, even if to an opponent, is just unacceptable and by backing him, Praha are the architects of their own downfall.

You reap what you sow.

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  1. This racism accusation shouldn’t be too difficult to prove:
    1. The actual incident itself ironically will be hardest bit of all to PROVE though clearly something very wrong was said. Zungu evidence could be key but may not carry much weight given he is a team mate.
    2. Slavia, their fans, and that part of the world in general have previous history on this stuff.
    3. Slavia lied about the police being present at the time of an alleged attack in the tunnel.
    4. If Slavia have also lied about an attack being witnessed by an UEFA official then surely it’s a slam dunk.
    5. There is a Slavia video call doing the rounds where the offensive words can be clearly heard. If that can be verified then another slam dunk.
    6. Slavia have complained about Rangers being very rough. I’d like to see the match stats but I suspect they probably committed more fouls on the night and Ryan Kent was fouled more than anyone.
    Failure to act will be a failure for football and will make a mockery of all the BLM and take a knee nonsense we have had to endure this year.

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