Simple Steps On How To Become A Better Football Player

Simple Steps On How To Become A Better Football Player
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Football is by far the world’s biggest sport. Many people from around the globe play the game, hence increased competition for those who want to do it professionally. No matter your age or location, becoming a better football player is the dream of every ambitious player. Just like any other sport, there is always room for improvement in football.

No matter how good you are at it, you can always improve. So, how can you become a better football player? One of the best times to put yourself in good shape and up your game is during pre-season. This is the time you can invest in intensive training to improve your game as a player. In this article, we will discuss what you need to do to become a better footballer.

Practice Thoroughly

First Touch

Having a great first touch is vital to becoming an excellent soccer player. You should be able to control the ball and keep it close to your body. It is even better if you can do it with both feet. This will make significant differences to how you play and how you distribute the ball. Jonjo Shelvey, the Newcastle United midfielder, shared his story on how he trained the first touch when young.

He says that when he was young, his father would throw the ball up and ask him to control it down with his foot. He also said that he would play in front of their house, kicking the ball against the wall with both feet. Shelvey advises that if you keep working on your first touch, it will improve significantly. Well, it looks like the early first touch training worked for him because he currently plays in the Premier League with Newcastle United. If training worked for him, it can certainly work for you too.

Development squads and academies train your first touch by getting you to kick the ball against the wall before a session. You will be instructed to kick it with both feet for several minutes so as to improve your ball control.

Weak Foot Ability

Another reliable method of becoming a better football player is through learning to use your weaker foot. This is a vital asset that even hinders some professional players from achieving their full potential. Being able to use your weaker foot is a skill that can separate you from many other soccer players. Learning to strengthen your weaker foot from a young age can tremendously increase your chances of becoming an excellent footballer.

Light training like controlling and kicking a ball with your weaker foot will significantly improve your game. It is normal for football players to over rely on their stronger foot, so learning to use your weaker foot might be difficult at first but will enable you to develop it faster. To help develop it, you can ask your coach to set up drills in training where you get to use your weaker foot. Simple passing and shooting drills as well as ensuring that you use your weaker foot during training will give you the confidence to use it in a real game.

Depending on your role as a football player, you will need to strengthen your weaker foot accordingly. For instance, it is not common to see a center back finessing the ball into the roof of the net from 16 yards out. This is something normally done by forwards and some midfielders.

Increase Your Fitness Levels

As much as skill is the most essential aspect of a good player, fitness starts to become a major concern as you get older. Without proper fitness levels, you won’t be able to put into use your skills for the full game. Nowadays, football has become fast and explosive. Attaining good fitness levels early in your career will be beneficial for you in future. Injuries are the biggest causes of fitness setbacks. You need to keep your body in good shape to avoid unnecessary injuries. And if at all you get injured, find a way to recover faster.

The use of CBD products has been recommended for players because they stimulate quicker recovery from injuries. Amnesia Haze at Zamnesia will help activate all the sense in your body, making you feel better in an injury crisis. If you want to rise up the football pyramid, you will need to have great aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels. The anaerobic system will help with sharp and short bursts of speed on the pitch. This is especially important for forwards during counterattacks. To improve it, you need to implement interval training in your pre-season.

As you already know, the main purpose of pre-season is to get you in good shape after a lengthy break. Working on various aspects of your game like shooting and passing will significantly improve your skills.


It is the dream of every player to become a professional. However, reaching these heights needs sacrifice and dedication given the high levels of competition. Use the tips discussed in this article and who knows, you could be the next Lionel Messi!

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  1. Excellent article . I had my son at a young age following the same Shelvey’s training on the wall using both feet and drop control . As a result of that and other coaching and his dedication he played professional and for Scotland at U16 .

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