Shock as former Ranger ‘pawns’ off key club asset

Shock as former Ranger ‘pawns’ off key club asset
He's definitely more than £10M player....

In a recent entry we defended Alan Hutton as one of our own despite his association with questionable ‘media’ outlet Football Insider.

With Insider trying to downvalue Alfredo Morelos to just £12M, we suggested his involvement was honest enough, and that was about all we could say ‘good’ about the site.

Unfortunately, we now have to question Hutton himself for taking part in FI’s insidious campaign against Rangers players where Glen Kamara has been downgraded by our former RB to just £10M.

We can’t quite understand why Hutton is not only devaluing one of our most valued assets, but is equally encouraging other teams to make a move for him and get a ‘bargain’.

He might be a former Rangers player and a Bear through and through but this is borderline unacceptable.

We suggested Kamara could be worth up to £40M going by the market rate for a player with his attributes and qualities, and whether we get that in the future is up to the football Gods.

But for our own former RB to imply the kid could be snatched up by another club for just £10M in the aid of getting Football Insider clicks is really, really disturbing.

We don’t want to attack one of our own, and he is, but there are surely better ways to earn your money than participating in a site which actively seeks to damage Rangers and our players?

Some argue our valuations on Ibrox Noise are fantasy numbers, and maybe some of them are a little optimistic.

But it’s far better that than actively encouraging rich sides to bid potentially only a third of a player’s worth in honour of getting a ‘bargain’ in the process.

We don’t know what’s worse – Hutton, for taking part in this, or FI for their clear agenda.


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