Scott Brown as he crossed the divide

Scott Brown as he crossed the divide
The divide....

The Old Firm divide is something that generally feels unbreachable.

Both clubs are just too entrenched in hate of each other, and yours truly on Ibrox Noise are all guilty of a major dislike of all things Parkhead.

But we’re people too, and we have to say, regardless of the minority of accusations of ‘publicity stunt’, Scott Brown’s gesture of support in which he literally did cross the Old Firm divide to embrace and back up Glen Kamara over the half way line was one of the moments of the season, and a moment in which a group of fans briefly allowed themselves to admire a moment of respect.

If Scott Brown, easily the most hated Celtic player of the past 15 years, has the balls to show a Rangers man support and back him up, it gives some idea of how pathetic Slavia Praha and Ondrej Kudela look. They actually galvanised a Celtic captain to show a victim of racism on the other side his support.

Kamara was abused, no two ways about it – the only defenders of him are his team mates, his team, and a slew of Czech and Polish racists who made their vile views heard on our social platforms.

The rest of the football world, even the SPFL and Celtic, are on Rangers and Kamara’s side, because there’s simply no defence for racist behaviour – none of which we hope to see in this summer’s Euros, with euro 2021 live streaming.

As for Brown? Well, we actually know, like Scott Allan (get well soon mate), he’s one of us from his youth, but his career allowed that past to get lost, and he’s now completely one of them.

But that’s fine – he showed a moment of respect for Kamara, and a moment of decency.

This is the guy, remember, who signed a painting of himself being hooked by Ryan Kent given it was being auctioned for charity and even complimented the punch.

He isn’t actually a bad egg off the pitch – but of course, on the pitch, he’s the tim we love to hate. Maybe old age has mellowed him, who knows.

But for us Rangers fans, his grace in supporting Kamara across the divide is worthy of admiration.

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