Rangers slaughter the SNP with brilliant attack

Rangers slaughter the SNP with brilliant attack
He got both barrels and then some....

We’re not going to forensically examine Rangers’ excellent letter to the government – you’re all smart enough to be able to read for yourselves, and that covers that side.

But we have to absolutely applaud the way Douglas Park, our outstanding chairman, has written such a gently but firmly delivered rebuke to the disgraceful comments made by Deputy First Minister John Swinney which sought to squarely blame Rangers for the celebrations from our fans.

In short, the former SNP leader committed a shocking blame game on Rangers, despite the club having been the only one to try to stop what was inevitably going to happen, and halt it once it had begun as well.

And the club’s letter to the various ‘leaders’ involved, addressed to Nicola Sturgeon herself, was absolutely bang on the money.

Which means we doubt she’ll even read it.

Her second in command, who has been dealing with the daily briefings more recently due to her ‘court case’ involving her predecessor, was astonishingly out of line with his assertions, and the club’s response was to carry out a quiet but dignified riposte.

It left nothing out, and left nothing unanswered. And crucially, it was done in the Rangers way, of firmly but fairly setting out the truth and defending the club’s good name.

We’ve been completely slandered here by the government for no good reason.

Thankfully Douglas Park won’t stand for it.

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  1. Good on them💪
    Tim tv stv news also banging the drum condemming the Famous and our fans breaking halfadozen benches,send the bill to ibrox fannies and get a fuckin life

    And another spl manager goes RANGERS DESTROY THE SPL😂😂😂💪

  2. It was a good response but unfortunately a complete waste of time. In Parliament today wee Krankie referenced the letter then responded as it she either never read it or completely ignored it. This pathetic corrupt Government only hear what they want to hear. Tell everyone you know to get out in May and vote them out of power.

  3. wish someone in the press ask why they ignored the letters and why no one complained about the celtic fans rioting not much chance of that in this anti rangers media but will gladly hide the paedo ring that has been going on for years at sharkhead

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