Rangers completely upstage Celtic’s pathetic ‘warning’

Rangers completely upstage Celtic’s pathetic ‘warning’
Doing the right thing, the captain of Rangers.

Following repeated warning about this Sunday’s Old Firm match, we have to say there’s a major discrepancy between both clubs’ warnings.

Rangers put up a vivid video warning spoken by club captain James Tavernier, and at the time of writing it has 2,000 retweets and 10,000 likes.

Meanwhile Celtic put up a written statement by the SLO account which has 150 retweets and 700 likes.

Social media numbers are not an exact science, we know this, but going by those numbers, Rangers fans are going to do their best to obey the guidelines and pass on the message, while Celtic fans appear a hell of a lot less interested.

It doesn’t help their club warning is dry and banal, and while it’s only been up about half a day (at the time of writing) it doesn’t look particularly sincere.

Meanwhile Tavernier tells fans clearly to stay home, and it’s been shared and liked plenty.

This isn’t about point scoring, but one club and its fans are clearly putting a lot more effort into this than the other.

And that’s not really on.

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