Rangers attacker to stay at Ibrox – exit reports fade

Rangers attacker to stay at Ibrox – exit reports fade
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Mystery continues over the future of rising star Nathan Young-Coombes after reports claiming he was moving to Brentford went rather quiet and the-now 18-year old remains at Ibrox with Rangers’ B team.

While some reports did allege he’d be moving in the summer, this was a bizarre angle given the move down south was also to be part of Brentford’s second string, and it’s not terribly clear why he’d want that particular switch.

He’s now at the age where his progress has to start happening, and the youngster is extremely highly-rated at Ibrox, and could be viewed as a potential squad member next season, with the best of Auchenhowie starting to break through as Nathan Patterson becomes part of the seniors.

Kai Kennedy too will be wanting to play a significant role in the coming seasons, and while NYC is out of contract at the end of the season, there’s been nothing from the player or the club to suggest the media reports are actually true.

And the content from his social media do suggest a lad fairly content at the moment.

He’s one with a lot of potential in front of him, hopefully he does remain in Govan next season.

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