Rangers ‘adversary’ says goodbye following acrimony

Rangers ‘adversary’ says goodbye following acrimony
He may be set to leave....

Not strictly Rangers related but we wanted to spare a thought/consideration to Lee Bowyer who has quit at Charlton in order to take the Birmingham job.

Bowyer and Rangers had, shall we say, a bit of a tempestuous relationship, and his conduct when it came to Steven Gerrard snapping Joe Aribo up for effective pennies really was that of a frustrated man.

He said a lot of regretful things, he was angry, and we admit that in the heat of the moment we say things we later regret.

Indeed, he did strongly backtrack on those aggressive comments by admitting Aribo’s move had worked out, that Rangers were a great club and the lad was doing well.

And dare we say it, we do owe Bowyer a bit of ‘gratitude’ because without his coaching, Aribo wouldn’t have been the player that caught Stevie and the scouts’ attention.

Bowyer, whatever we think of his personality, was an excellent midfielder in his day – one of that massive clutch of English players who were very very good but weren’t quite good enough to truly clinch an England spot – think Joey Barton, Darren Anderton, Michael Dawson you name it.

Top class players who didn’t quite have ‘it’ to get that England jersey more than a few times.

And he has clearly used his own knowledge to help Aribo in particular, before Rangers nabbed Charlton’s best player!

No wonder he was annoyed – he’d have expected around £10M for the lad but instead got nothing.

But, time heals, things mellowed, and Aribo has settled, after a little while, into the Rangers midfield and through Gerrard’s coaching is becoming the player he is capable of being.

But the platform was thanks to Bowyer, and while there was a little acrimony, the past is the past, and we wish the man well at Birmingham.

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  1. To be honest it wasn’t unreasonable for him to be a bit miffed at us pinching Aribo. It was good of him to at least accept he was wrong and that Aribo moving to Rangers had been good for his career. Good luck to the guy.

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