Police Scotland make Rangers decision

Police Scotland make Rangers decision
Rangers v St Mirren - Scottish Premiership - Ibrox Stadium Rangers fans and police presence outside the ground ahead the Scottish Premiership match at Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow. Picture date: Saturday March 6, 2021. Use subject to restrictions. Editorial use only, no commercial use without prior consent from rights holder. PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY Copyright: xRobertxPerryx 58455432

Police Scotland have today confirmed Rangers fans have been warned about their wee celebration, in as close to a ‘aw let them have fun’ manner that we’re ever likely to hear from the constabulary.

The fans, predictably, and maybe a little foolishly, but understandably, showed up in their thousands today outside Ibrox to celebrate the imminent arrival of our 55th league title, and it had been feared the police and authorities might take a very dim view of it.

But the fuzz simply gave the support a slap on the wrist and it’s forgotten, in a decent example of common sense.

Should the fans have gathered? No, of course not. The virus is still around, even if it’s getting more under control. Many did wear face masks including friends of Ibrox Noise, but sadly many did not.

But while we cannot condone the gathering, after the decade of Hell our club went through, exuberance was understandable.

We obviously hope the cost to health is minimal, and Glasgow doesn’t see a spike, but this was 55, 10 years in the making – fans staying at home and not celebrating wasn’t really feasible.

Ask Liverpool fans who pretty much did the same thing last year.

And the police have effectively admitted they agree. After all, they were the ones cordoning the area off and erecting barriers in advance.

There was no trouble, and the celebrating was all in good spirit.

So we cannot defend it, but we cannot condemn it either.

It was 55.

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