Outrage continues after red card truth is revealed

Outrage continues after red card truth is revealed
Livingston v Rangers - Scottish Premiership - Almondvale Stadium Rangers manger Steven Gerrard centre right speaks to referee John Beaton during the Scottish Premiership match at the Almondvale Stadium, Livingston. Picture date: Wednesday March 3, 2021. Use subject to restrictions. Editorial use only, no commercial use without prior consent from rights holder. PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY Copyright: xAndrewxMilliganx 58401865

As you’ll have seen Ibrox Noise’s Derek covered some of the controversies from last night’s shambles, and we’ll get to the football side in due course, but once again a refereeing nightmare has overshadowed a Rangers match and we have to look into that.

The big talking point for yours truly wasn’t just the fact John Beaton made it all about him with some ludicrous refereeing, it’s the fact he disrespected Steven Gerrard with no ounce of logic and every ounce of a snotty poncing referee with vulgar arrogance and zero sense of accountability.

Gerrard, rightly, was fuming about the booking. It may have been a stonewall pen, it may not have been, but what it clearly wasn’t was a dive. Morelos did definitely leap Strycek and the Polish goalie did catch him, even if not brutally, but it caught the Colombian who lost all balance and fell.

Sure, we MIGHT have complained at a ‘soft’ penalty had it been our man McGregor at the other end, but that’s only half of the story – it clearly wasn’t a dive.

So our Stevie, raging, goes onto the pitch to ask Beaton why he booked Morelos, and why he nor any of his assistants could see it was a penalty.

Beaton’s arrogance wouldn’t even let him look Gerrard in the eye, who understandably lost the plot and was, in fairness, rightly yellow carded.

As much as Beaton’s conduct was poor, Gerrard shouldn’t have shouted in his face, so we have no issue with the booking, regardless of how the ref behaved.

No, the issue we have is with what came after. Gerrard and Gary Mac, walking away, ruminated over all this together, before the assistant walked separately to the ref and gently asked for clarification – to which Beaton then inexplicably sent Stevie off (!)

This is like a player on a pitch getting a yellow for a bad tackle, his team mate asking the ref what was going on, and the ref then sending the original player off (!)

We should emphasise, Gerrard was walking away from Beaton at this point, and had nothing to do with it any more. Whatever he was maybe muttering under his breath is up to him, but from behind, Beaton inexplicably brandished a red card at the walking away Rangers boss.

This was nothing more than an absurd farce and a bit of an egotrip for the man in the middle.

Now, we should emphasise – this is NOT a hate piece, and we are not encouraging anyone to send abuse or otherwise harm the man – please, do not consider that.

He is a professional, even if inept, and we can’t condone the abuse referees have taken in recent months.

But there is certainly a question or two requiring answering, and his conduct last night simply wasn’t good enough.

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    • It was only a yellow so I wouldn’t expect any action. In fact considering everybody to a man said it should’ve been a penalty I would expect the yellow card to be rescinded.
      I see that Michael Stewart commented on Morelos’ reaction, or lack of, at the penalty incident. Could it just be that Morelos is so badly treated in this country that he genuinely didn’t expect ever to get the penalty.

  1. Beaton apparently asks his linesman if he seen it no answer so his action is to book Alfie wow,
    This is why SG went after him, this is the proof of different standards of refereeing for alfie than anyone else, SG took that chance to put it out there heres the proof, Beaton then shows his true colours by acting like a 2 year old throwing a tantrum sends SG off for what asking the question? Grow up Ill bet he is feeling real stupid today,,,, then again he is probably loving the limelight. pathetic and embarrassing the guys incompetence is beyond belief, go ref at a level you can cope with. SG got it spot on UNFAIR

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