Ondřej Kúdela should be deeply ashamed, as should Praha

Ondřej Kúdela should be deeply ashamed, as should Praha
Yeah, all very innocent, Kudela....

It must be said, Slavia Praha’s defence, including that of Ondřej Kúdela, is utterly pathetic, and what’s even worse is the winning side are now trying to portray Rangers as the ‘bad guys’.

To claim your slur was ‘you f*cking guy’ and then accuse Rangers of dirty tricks is deeply troubling and frankly borderline hilarious.

What language is ‘you f*cking guy’ a slur or an insult? Apart of the potential compliment that Kamara engages in some very ‘male’ behaviour with the female of the species (or male, who are we to judge), this comment is literally mind boggling and makes no sense even in Czech.

The reality is he’s made a nasty racist comment to Kamara, otherwise why cover his mouth and prevent lip reading.

Football is an industrial place, a few naughty words are par for the course in an emotional cauldron that is a football pitch, when the stakes are high.

But you only cover your mouth when you don’t want the world to realise what you’re saying. And few footballers ever cover their mouth to say ‘France’, if you get us.

No, Rangers won’t reveal what Kudela said, and that maintains the dignity, in our minds – no need to air dirty laundry, and we trust Kamara and Gerrard over their testimony.

Praha have demonstrated they’re an ugly side, and one with no class.

Sad, because they can play as well.

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  1. Its blatant and obvious there was a racist comment /insult/remark by the Slavia Ondřej Kúdela. This is not acceptable and and punishment should be carried out to the letter of UEFA’s Racism laws and commitment. There is no point having all this Anti Racism Message with no teethe or consequence. Its worth mentioning that the similar incident in Scotland against Rangers was not dealt with properly, I’m sorry I forget the game .

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