Massive Slavia team mates clue makes Kudela look guilty

Massive Slavia team mates clue makes Kudela look guilty
Just look at Sima, left of Zungu...

As we discussed a few days ago, one man at Praha certainly heard the slur Ondrej Kudela hit out with at Glen Kamara, in the form of Simon Deli, and Ibrox Noise’s Derek suggested that his passive approach was due to not being loyal to the club, being on loan from Brugge.

But there was someone else on that pitch who definitely heard it and as the above photo demonstrates, wasn’t happy with his team mate at all either.

Sima, a permanent signing at Praha, absolutely 100% heard what his team mate said, and his face speaks a thousand stories.

The scandal involving Praha and this incident grows by the day, and with UEFA and Police Scotland investigating, it’s only going to get more sordid, unlike this betfair code.

And while Sima’s reaction isn’t proof, it’s certainly not indicative of his support towards Kudela.

This stuff is going to run and run, but what’s definitely sure – these clubs are off each others’ Christmas card list.

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  1. I think it would be beyond optimistic to expect a Slavia player, signed or otherwise, to dump a fellow team member in it. But there is plenty of other evidence around for this to be resolved by UEFA.

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