Liverpool ‘troll’ pours cold water on Rangers and Stevie G

Liverpool ‘troll’ pours cold water on Rangers and Stevie G
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Mark Lawrenson has tonight ‘dissed’ Rangers by describing Liverpool as a ‘step up’ for Steven Gerrard in management.

While managing not to undermine the astonishing achievements of Rangers this season, the arrogant former Liverpool man still insulted the club, whose size most down south completely underestimate, and fudged his wording. He said:

“What I would say is that, for all the success at Rangers, managing Liverpool is on a different spectrum. It would be a massive step.”

Liverpool, let’s be clear, are NOT a ‘step up’ or even that much bigger a club – few in the world actually are.

No, what IS a step up, clearly, is the level of opposition, going from the backwater of the SPL to the week-in-week-out standard of the Premier League.

And yet, Lawrenson even admits Gerrard’s achievements in Europe are astonishing, and Rangers are, indirectly, competing already at the level of the PL and indeed overcoming it.

So, while no one denies the goliath of a club that Liverpool are, the size of Rangers is on a par, even if the finances and domestic opposition aren’t.

It’s English arrogance once again that dismisses the gravity of stuff north of the border.

Not that we claim our SPL is much higher than League One in England.

But Rangers certainly match most clubs down south these days.

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  1. This was a typically ignorant and disrespectful piece by a former Liverpool player who thinks he understands what Rangers are about. I’m sure Stevie will put him right. There is no doubt moving to Liverpool to play in the EPL is a step up but at least pay some respect to the Scottish champions and don’t devalue, intentionally or otherwise, what Gerrard has achieved.

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