Journo troll uses Saint’s passing to bait Stevie G

Journo troll uses Saint’s passing to bait Stevie G
'Poor' doesn't cover it....

Former Sky Sports Scotland presenter now radio journalist David Tanner is in hot water after using the passing of Ian St John (RIP) to get a reaction from Steven Gerrard live on air given Rangers’ boss didn’t know the Anfield icon was no longer with us.

The hack was more than transparent with his endeavours, as this exchange demonstrates:

“Whilst we’ve been in this conference Liverpool have announced the death of a great Liverpool player, a legend, and a great Scotland player [pause for effect, intake of breath] Ian St John, sadly the Saint has died today, can I give you a chance to give us a tribute to the Saint please?”

This quite literally was one of the worst-taste moments we’ve seen in Scottish football history in recent times, using the death of a player to bait a reaction from Gerrard.

His wording was also disgusting – without demeaning St John, Tanner deliberately baited the idea it was Kenny Dalglish, with the use of the word ‘Scotland’ and either way, regardless of who it was, Gerrard’s face looked genuinely horrified at being presented with such news in this way.

Credit to Rangers’ manager who remained classy and composed and did his best to say something dignified rather than a potentially justified snapping at Tanner for using someone’s death to borderline troll a press conference.

We would not be shocked if Tanner is not invited back any time soon.


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