Defoe admission reveals truth about Connor Goldson

Defoe admission reveals truth about Connor Goldson
The loudest man at Ibrox!

As we mentioned earlier, Helander and Defoe have been dishing the dirt on the traits of their various team mates, but the biggest piece to come out of it for us was that Connor Goldson is the most vocal player, certainly in Defoe’s eyes.

The reason this is so interesting is that ever since James Tavernier’s injury, we must admit Goldson’s performance as captain has been noticeably superior to the established man, with clear leadership and strong counsel with the players around him.

We won’t beat about the bush – as brilliant as Tav’s season has been, and as much as he has earned lifting 55 as captain, he is definitely not the noisiest of leaders out there, not the most vocal, and while he’s a great mentor (Nathan Patterson is especially praising of how much the RB has been guiding him) he’s not such an obviously strong leader on the field.

But Goldson is. He’s loud, he’s big, he’s bold, and people do listen to him.

And that’s shown during his wearing of the armband.

And it seems Defoe agrees. The former Spurs legend even overlooked McGregor in terms of vocalising, picking the former Brighton star instead.

Goldson is a natural leader, who communicates well and barks the vocals around rather well.

Tavernier, let’s be frank, just isn’t as ‘noisy’ as this.

Just as well we have both of them eh?

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  1. Tavernier’s much improved performances this season have done much to quieten the fans like me who say that he is not captain material. I think he is a good footballer but still maintain he is not a good captain. Goldson seems to me to be a much more natural leader and would grow into the role even more. He is also in a more central position to organise the players around him.

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