Celtic have folded, and Dave King (and Ibrox Noise) are still laughing

Celtic have folded, and Dave King (and Ibrox Noise) are still laughing
Football - 2019 / 2020 Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership - Rangers vs. Celtic Rangers chairman Dave King is seen before the game, at Ibrox Stadium. COLORSPORT/BRUCE WHITE PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxUK

A dear friend of Ibrox Noise (you know who you are) has been preaching former chairman Dave King’s prophetic House of Cards line from 2018 like it’s going out of fashion, and we have to say, while our former chief did come out with an awful lot of hyperbole and bluster, this was one he was bang on with.

And something Ibrox Noise alluded to years ago as well.

We spun it a bit differently – that we were genuinely shocked Celtic hadn’t exploited our absence from the SPL for four years (effectively 6) by cementing their place at the top of Scottish football, and crucially, extending it.

That we were stunned they rested on their laurels like a lazy sloth, arrogantly assuming Rangers couldn’t ever come back, and failed miserably to invest serious money into their squad.

The example we always cited was PSG. When they came into Qatar cash and Monaco lost their way, and indeed status in the top flight, instead of sitting on the absence of their big money rivals, the Parisian giants pulled out an iron fist. They signed Neymar, they got bigger, stronger, and added arguably the world’s best striker in Mbappe to that. And now absolutely no one in France can touch them.

Failing to win just one league in the past 9, Les Parisiens have also stepped up in Europe, finally getting to a CL final.

They took their chance, their opening, and now they’re a goliath.


Sold Van Dijk, Tierney, Dembele, Armstrong, you name it – they sat on their thumbs, on that flimsy house of cards their club built itself around, and assumed nothing would touch them.

They took the p*ss out of their fans, didn’t bother to reinvest or grow, and when they lost the best manager they’d had since MON in Brendan Rodgers, they replaced him with Neil flipping Lennon.

And so here we are. Rangers are the juggernaut in Scotland again, Celtic have crumbled, and Glasgow is Blue.

And there’s no ace in their cards to save them either.

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  1. Definitely correct Mr David King was spot on in his observations . The rotten mobs arrogance and disrespect for all others especially us is evident. They stuffed all the cash in the owners pockets . Then Lenno spent money on total slash Lolo.

  2. In addition and from a different perspective, we have several 15 to 20 + Million players in our squad Morelos Kamara Goldson Taverner Aribo Kent Barasic and the others ain’t half bad either by the way . The rotten mob have possibly two or three Eduard, Christie McGregor …..???? Nuff said Onwards 56

  3. As much as I would like to believe this is true I can’t. Sure they imploded this season but they are still there and have money in the bank. What happens next is crucial. We have to keep Gerrard but may lose some of our stars to big money bids. That can’t be stopped in the same way as Ceptic couldn’t stop it. And we need to do it to regenerate each season. I’m confident that Gerrard will replace these players with like for like or better. Likewise they must do the same. And in fact they DID spend big money. They signed a goalkeeper for £5m who couldn’t catch covid in George Square and wasted £2m on a loan deal for Duffy. They signed duds like Klimala, Ajeti and Soro for big money too. But Lennon is gone now so we can expect a proper manager might be able to spot a good player , unless of course they revert to type and take the cheap option and give the job to John Kennedy (PLEASE!!!). Let’s just keep moving forward and let them worry about catching us.

    • Good input Robrob57 you see a lot. They will come again I suppose but as you say they’ve wanted lots of money on garbage, so they will shop in a different area too.

  4. It’s been glorious. So much so that even when they threw the kitchen sink at us with two weeks of uninterrupted preparation the best they could muster was a draw. Long may it continue…live it up! WATP 🔴⚪🔵

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