Brown gesture meaningless as racists attack Morelos

Brown gesture meaningless as racists attack Morelos
The divide....

The nonsense over the weekend about Alfredo Morelos and indeed Man Utd’s Fred demonstrates that while the Czech and Polish racists who swarmed Ibrox Noise in the wake of Thursday’s scandal are very much a significant problem, our own racial issues in this country are similarly still at the forefront as well.

Morelos, and we won’t dignify it by going into it in depth, has been the victim of flagrant racial attacks, just as Kamara was, and on the day Scott Brown did his club some honour by showing respect to Rangers’ Finnish international, his club’s fans and who knows who else have disgraced those strides by smearing a man for the colour of his skin.

The irony is painful – Brown making a massive statement by showing support to a black man on the other side, while his club’s fans throw slurs at Morelos instead.

It goes to show racists are racists, and cannot be taught any different. Education doesn’t help, and neither does incarceration.

What will?

Not much, in truth – racism has been part of society for thousands of years – you can’t make someone not be racist any more than you can make them change their tastes otherwise. It’s not happening.

If a year of folk kneeling doesn’t do anything aside provoking people, what will?

And in the meantime, the trolls will continue to attack Morelos and Kamara because they have black skin.

Sad, sad times.

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