Stevie to Anfield odds tumble as Klopp stumbles…

Stevie to Anfield odds tumble as Klopp stumbles…
Liverpool player Steven Gerrard (2nd L) shakes hands with coach Jurgen Klopp after being substituted during their end-of-season friendly football match against Sydney FC at the Olympic Stadium in Sydney on May 24, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / WILLIAM WEST (Photo credit should read WILLIAM WEST/AFP via Getty Images)

Steven Gerrard’s installation as the odds-on favourite to succeed Jurgen Klopp comes as no surprise.

The German’s stock has rather plummeted following a pretty rotten defence of last season’s title, a defence which never got going even before Virgil Van Dijk’s season-ending injury – 7-2 Villa anyone?

So it’s not a shock that Steven Gerrard’s managerial stock is so high now that the bookies have installed him outright favourite to take over from Klopp, after Liverpool’s season crumbled even worse on the major injury to their captain, which led to a horrible squad-ruining malaise they never got out of.

Meanwhile Gerrard’s Rangers soar high in the SPL, high in Europe, and it seems 2+2=4 to suggest he will be the natural successor to the former Dortmund man.

Is the 40 year old ready?

The Anfield seat is his destiny, no one would deny that. But he needs to be of the right mentality that he can take on a job with the emotional intensity that being manager of his boyhood heroes would bring.

He’s a Liverpool boy, and he plied his trade with them for basically 20 years – he bleeds Liverpool, but that brings a gigantic burden to it as well.

He has, let’s face it, worked miracles at Ibrox this season. It took a while for his project in Govan to bear fruit, and while the form has stumbled a bit recently, overall the season has been giant.

But we know Merseyside will come calling one day.

We just hope it’s not for a long time yet, regardless of what the bookies want.

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  1. Jurgen Klopp’s job is safe as houses. Hopefully Gerrard is so successful in the next 3 years that he will be a stick on for the Liverpool job in 2024 when Klopp’s contract expires.

  2. I have to agree with Robrob57 Klopp will be at Liverpool for at least another 2 seasons , this season has been a strange one in the EPL I think the crowd effect has hurt Liverpool more than most , ask anyone who has been at Anfield . I agree its in his destiny to be the manager of Liverpool , I think he will win the league at least three times here and have a great Europe run every year too. Then leave with our love , best wishes, eternal thanks and legendary status .

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