“Simply the Best” – Rangers about to celebrate 55

“Simply the Best” – Rangers about to celebrate 55
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - MAY 04: Steven Gerrard shakes hands with Dave King as he is unveiled as the new manager of Rangers football Club at Ibrox Stadium on May 4, 2018 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Pretty astonishing, isn’t it.

Just under three years ago, Steven Gerrard was unveiled in a blitz of razzmatazz, appointed Rangers manager from left field, his first managerial appointment.

Gerrard stated he believed he could overturn the colossal gap to Celtic, but not even his most ardent disciples could expect.

They only hoped, had faith.

Ibrox Noise? We loved the appointment, and were eager to see what difference he could make.

Like you all, we have had so many doubts, seeing so many cup exits, seeing some bad results and for two seasons in a row finishing a distant second to Celtic.

Regulars will know we criticised Stevie many times, we criticised much of his personnel choices, and we bemoaned some of his signings.

But true eagle eyes among you will know we never once suggested his head, never once asked the board to sack him.

We didn’t completely back him when we had huge doubts but we saw absolutely no point letting him go – some did, and we never supported that.

There are those who completely had faith throughout, not many – we know some of his biggest believers had doubts at certain points, so don’t feel bad for having those misgivings.

But now, 2021, just 6 (or 7) points away from his first league title in football, just 6 points from the end of our Journey, and it defies belief.

Make no mistake – Rangers’ title this season is the biggest story in football history.

Exiled to the bottom of football, starting all over again with a new squad barely fit for Alloa never mind Rangers, but we kept at it.

For 10 years we kept at it.

Us fans stuck by this club through it all.

And now just two or three weeks away from 55.

And now not only will we win the league after all we’ve been through, but we’ve not just caught up with Celtic but completely destroyed them.

This Rangers team is up there with the best squads we’ve ever had, and has had a record breaking season beyond all expectation.

And Steven Gerrard is where that started.

Simply remarkable.

Simply the Best.

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  1. Correct
    Yes i remember when Dave King brought Steven Gerrard to ibrox and he said then it would take 5 years to get the famous back on top,5 years he said! and thats what 2 and a bit and look where we are unbeliavable💪,lets enjoy this to the max guys 🍻
    Its been along time coming
    We’re doing the bouncy all over the world😗

  2. This could be the real start of something special. All the ingredients are right to take advantage and dominate for years. We just need to keep moving the squad forward bit by bit and hopefully begin to unearth some regular gems from the youths. 55 and more should be coming!

  3. Great article IN it raised a tear . Like all true Rangers we have suffered all of that total disrespectful bullshit for years . I have stood at Ibrox against Albion Rovers I have stood at Galabank against Anna Athletic ….it’s been painful. I’m a shareholder of the unfortunate Whyte then Green time (should have seen the danger !!!) and the Ashley and his bastards too , even worse . We have risen like the great people we are from 2012 , but we will never forget those who sent us down. . Simply the best without a doubt. Thank You Steven Gerrard , Gary McAllister his coaches the team. But most importantly the Great Men who once again stepped up to save the Famous. The Board , Mr David King , Donald Park, George Taylor , George Letham . We need to recognise this in some form please.

  4. Well said Bill. I’m sure I’ll have a wee tear when this 10 years of humiliation and pain ends. Just like I did when we first beat Ceptic and again when we beat them at Parkhead knowing that these were significant events that we had to register on our way back to the top. We took mhedia abuse for “over celebrating” those wins but these so called experts couldn’t see the significance of the results. Well they can now. It’s been a tough road but whatever has happened I woke up every day glad I was born a Rangers man. And I’ll certainly be letting a few people know when we cross the finishing line. WATP

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