SFA scandal continues amidst Roofe ban outrage

SFA scandal continues amidst Roofe ban outrage
Time for change.... (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

As we exclusively revealed to you some days ago, the SFA did indeed ban Kemar Roofe for two matches (ok, we were one match out, sue us) and to say the meltdown since then has been extraordinary isn’t doing it justice.

It’s clearly absolutely one rule for Rangers and one rule for everyone else, and while few could actually defend Roofe’s tackle (albeit they could the lack of intent, it was just reckless, not malicious) nevertheless the letting off scot-free of Celtic’s Brown and Ajeti but finding Roofe and Alfredo Morelos guilty and giving them hefty ‘sentences’ is just ‘inconsistency’ in its worst form.

Celtic manager Neil Lennon’s cheek in claiming Celtic are as much a victim in this as Rangers are is quite galling, and while he’s not wrong to suggest Old Firm clubs are held to a higher standard than the other clubs, his brass neck in using that as an attack on SFA when his side ALWAYS gets away with these retrospective punishments is almost amusing.

Rangers are the ones always beaten down on this, with agenda in the air.

Rangers’ own statement was a bit watery too, not strong enough and not condemning enough – it was way too vague and nowhere near as explicit as it needed to be.

Fans are not happy with the complete lack of parity here, and the club needs to do more to fight this.

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