Reports: Gers look to replace striker for 21/22

Reports: Gers look to replace striker for 21/22
£800K for these two... (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Steven Gerrard and Rangers are already looking to next season reportedly lining up Oostende’s Fashion Sakala as a replacement for the retiring Jermain Defoe.

Defoe’s contract expires in the summer and the veteran hitman is not expected to continue at Ibrox in a playing capacity, but is viewed as a potential addition to the coaching staff, with a replacement being sounded out for the squad.

Whether that is Sakala we’re not so sure – Rangers’ success rate in the African market has been pretty horrendous since Stevie took charge, and while Sakala’s career is pretty solid, the Zambia international is a tad left field.

Obviously he’s doing a fine job in Belgium now with 13 in 24, and that’s more than decent, but we’re not 100% sure the African market is the best place for Rangers to secure new talent from.

But if Sakala is the real deal, what do we know.

What we do know is Defoe’s career is most definitely winding down now and he will require replacing in the squad.

Whether that will indeed be the Zambian, we’re a lot less certain.

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  1. l would rather get the tried and tested Lawrence Shankland personally, he is one of us, l prayed we would have signed him in the summer, we could do a lot worse, 2M we can well afford it

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