Rangers needed McGregor roasting

Rangers needed McGregor roasting
He wasn't happy AT ALL...

After the match yesterday Ibrox Noise pulled no punches with our assessment of a dismal afternoon in Hamilton.

There were a few ‘look at the bigger picture and get a grip’ style rants at us, but when Allan McGregor came out to the press and slated his team worse than we had, the small number of dissenting voices did pretty much cease.

McGregor is a hero, and a warrior, and a winner. And his quotes were some of the most damning we’ve ever heard a Rangers player having the bottle to say, and it echoed our sentiments exactly.

He was livid, he was fuming, he accurately accused his team of not wanting to win. And it was evident that too many players were not at the races, and he was absolutely within his rights to say it all.

We need this – we need leaders like Allan McGregor who are ‘happy’ to shame their team mates publicly, because you know in private he’d have been a tonne worse than this.

We are filled with admiration for Rangers and our manager and what we’ve done this season, but the form (and effort) has gone recently, and it’s not wrong to call it out.

McGregor doing so hopefully will roast the underperformers enough to get them back in the game, because few could hold their heads up high after yesterday.

Are we going too far?

If we are, McGregor did.

And no one has castigated him for what he said.

We might be about to win 55, but we cannot slack, not now, not so close.

And McGregor knows it.

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  1. Thought it was excellent when Shagger took the team to task in the interview. The lack of effort or creativity until Jack was brought on felt almost non existent. Fact Shagger got man of the match explains the struggle we had against a team that really we should be brushing aside. In the grand scheme of things a point isn’t as bad as it could have been had Celtic not already imploded.

  2. Yes McGregor was exactly correct we were terrible the whole game Hamilton the bottom team were all over us we weren’t at the races and McGregor was right to get into the players at full time if it wasn’t fer him we would have been beaten by 2 or 3 easy

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