Rangers are nothing without their Three Bears…

Rangers are nothing without their Three Bears…
He might be in here....(Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Earlier we mentioned how Rangers need their strongest XI at all times now, and Stevie cannot chop and change and rotate, not with 55 at stake.

But there’s something more. Something even more fundamental.

Rangers, quite simply, don’t function on any level without Scott Arfield, Ryan Jack and Steven Davis.

It’s harsh to say it, but the rest might as well be Mary Poppins for all it matters if the above three aren’t there.

Rangers have DESPERATELY missed Arfield’s guile, link up, leadership and work rate – this goes without saying that the performances have been so flat lately without him.

Meanwhile yesterday demonstrated that if we remove Jack and Davis, there’s literally nothing left.

Those three are critical, but the team has managed to scrape by without the Canada international.

Take away Jack and we’ve been running on empty, with Davis carrying all the flack for the others.

Take all three away, and Rangers are absolutely nothing.

There was no spine, no direction, no passion, no effort no nothing.

The rest were completely rudderless without the three of them, and in yesterday’s performance, things only got better once both Davis and Jack were on there.

But by then the pattern of the game left us with just a point.

Every team has its best players, but we’ve been long saying Arfield is our most important. He is, but his two partners in crime, Jack and Davo, are absolutely critical to how we play.

Take all three away, as we did yesterday, and the results are painful to watch.

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