“One of us”? Rangers’ Covid breachers can say goodbye

“One of us”? Rangers’ Covid breachers can say goodbye
He blew it. Absolutely blew it... (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

It’s a real shame the covid nonsense has completely overshadowed tonight’s trip to Belgium. As Ibrox Noise’s Derek put it, it’s an eminently winnable game, a match that offers little we haven’t already put away with conviction in this tournament, and while we won’t underestimate a side that got to the last 32 like we did, and who deserves respect, Rangers’ form in this competition has been simply remarkable.

And it’s sad the foolish actions of 5 silly immature boys placed 55 in jeopardy and has disgraced the good name of Rangers – naturally the club has been absolutely livid with them all, and the right action taken, but it’s mostly disappointing to be talking about this with such a big match on tonight.

We will cover Antwerp more throughout the day, but for now, this breach really has been a thorn in Rangers’ side the past few days.

When we originally brought you the story some of you abused us for publishing ‘timmy propaganda’ and called us liars (all very quiet on that one since then).

The story being true is worse than any stupid accusation of deception some keyboard warrior wants to chuck at us.

Sticks and stones etc, but breaching covid? Unacceptable.

Putting your own selfish immature interests before the team, before the club, and before the community at large – none of these guys will play for the club again.

Nathan Patterson cannot usurp Tavernier, who will be at Ibrox till he retires, frankly. He’s in it for the long term.

Calvin Bassey is not a suitable replacement for Borna Barisic even if the Croat moves on, and his few appearances have been absolutely rotten. We’ll have a piece on this later.

And Bongani Zungu? What an absolutely mince signing, up there with the very worst Stevie’s brought in. Maybe the number one flop.

Ability though is irrelevant – it’s the professionalism, or lack of, and selfishness that we deplore.

Truth is we don’t want any of these players ever in our shirt again.

Not even as fans.

They put everyone in jeopardy, including our title. None of them are ‘one of us’.

They can sod off to League 2 and stay there.

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