Nathan Patterson and the Covid Crew

Nathan Patterson and the Covid Crew
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - FEBRUARY 25: Rangers Manager Steven Gerrard is seen with Nathan Patterson during the UEFA Europa League Round of 32 match between Rangers FC and Royal Antwerp FC at on February 25, 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. Sporting stadiums around the UK remain under strict restrictions due to the Coronavirus Pandemic as Government social distancing laws prohibit fans inside venues resulting in games being played behind closed doors. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

We have to cover the Nathan Patterson and Covid Crew.

As we all know, all five were allowed back to training, in a gigantic u-turn (especially re: Bongani Zungu) and have all given big shiny apologies, full of contrition and what have you.

Frankly we find Rangers’ position on this to be ridiculous and a load of bllcks, but we also know that a three-man injury swell has made a big difference too.

Kemar Roofe, Ryan Jack and James Tavernier are all unavailable at present, and Rangers cannot afford to lose both deputy full backs and a midfielder.

So an apology, a slap on the wrist is it, it’s done, and we get on with it.

And in a story we couldn’t have scripted in our wildest dreams, a horror show from Leon Balogun opens the door for the-now benched Nathan Patterson to come on and put in a fantastic shift including a goal.

That switch probably won Rangers the night, frankly, with Balogun being exposed on the right and repeatedly giving the ball away.

Morally? It’s a shambles. It’s a joke. Let’s not dress it up as anything else.

But football-wise – it was necessary, and it’s made a huge difference to Rangers on the night.

And indeed Patterson is likely now to be the starter till Tav returns, in a comical twist again in this story which does seem to be quite the soap opera.

Make no mistake – we do not agree with the club’s position morally on this, but we understand the necessity for it.

No Jack, Roofe or Tavernier has forced our hand, and that is what it is.

Football really is a funny old game…

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  1. I was of the opinion that all of them should’ve seen their Ibrox careers end but I knew that without the full facts that may have been harsh. The club with the facts have decided otherwise. This may seem lenient by the club but long term I don’t have a problem with that but think they should’ve been suspended by the club for the rest of the season having made full public apologies. On the other hand let’s not forget they have already served 10 days isolating, been shamed publicly, been fined heavily, publicly apologised and will forever have this black mark against their name. And perhaps most importantly of all they will all probably be facing a minimum 7 game ban which will effectively end their season. I think this may be what’s behind the clubs seemingly lenient decision to bring them back pending the inevitable, and justified, SFA ban. It’s not that they don’t care it’s just that they will let the authorities take care of it. It just doesn’t look good.

  2. Ach Fuck the Morals! Leave the negativity to the other mob across the city! As far as I’m concerned Nathan Patterson has made a great start on his road to redemption! How much extra money & co efficient points did that win bank us?? He changed the game when he came on. Was I initially shocked & surprised at there selection in the squad, YES! But with Balogun struggling I had a feeling Patterson may get a chance! & BOY did he grab it!

    We are on the verge of something special there, let’s enjoy the positives & brush away the negatives.

    (& Let’s remember, after the “Covid” 3 appeared last night, you can guarantee the SFA bat phone will be in melt down working on immediate lengthy bans for them in time for the next league fixture)

    • There is no question that the authorities will hand out lengthy bans to all 5 and deservedly so. I think the club and the players are well aware of that and that’s why they appeared last night. Had that not been the case then I’m sure the club would’ve handed out their own bans.

  3. I think we all had our say regarding the outcome of their indiscretions and most of us thought they were finished at Ibrox , however we needed at least 2 of these men last night . Patterson was terrific and SG spoke very highly of him and his family with respect and appreciation. It is a given that the bent Sfa will throw the book at both of them as is the wish of them against all things Rangers , hopefully Tav will be fit and perhaps we get Jack back too. It leaves us a little exposed on the left but I’m sure we can see it through. Onwards 55 and Europe

  4. Glad to see them back. Look at the corrupt idiots that run the Scottish government! What a shambles they are.

    Far worse behaviour than any Rangers player on covid.

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