It’s time to replace the ‘Compliance Officer’ with VAR

It’s time to replace the ‘Compliance Officer’ with VAR
Time for change.... (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

In 2011, former SFA CE Stewart Regan and Celtic’s Peter Lawwell (who was newly elected on the SPFL board at the time) devised the infamous ‘Compliance Officer’ role, after former FM Henry McLeish reviewed our game and recommended such a course of action.

The first one appointed was Vincent Lunny, who was then replaced by Tony McGlennan, before ‘present’ incumbent Clare Whyte got the gig.

With confusion over whether Whyte is still in the role (supposedly having tendered her resignation to quit ‘in the new year’) we have to ask at Ibrox Noise:

Is it time to abolish this idiotic job, this biased job, and this foolish human-error ridden shambles and look to improving the standard of refereeing while implementing VAR?

To the best of our knowledge, Scotland is the only major football association to have a retrospective banning system based on completely subjective citations, ridden with bias and agenda and is the only one without VAR.

And as we revealed to you a while ago, in the past three years, aside Ryan Christie’s symbolic ban (when he was injured) no Celtic player has been retrospectively banned, unlike the 5 (and now likely 6) Rangers players.

The Compliance Officer position is, and has always been, a complete sh*tshow, one in which it appears all three incumbents thus far have had leanings to Celtic.

The system needs abolished, and plain better refs sought – but crucially, VAR is desperately needed.

Sure, the Premier League has VAR and still gets things wrong, but we don’t see this level of idiocy and banning down there, in a much more professionally-run league.

Why Scotland doesn’t have VAR is beyond us, and why we have to rely on some biased individual instead is equally so.

One thing is for sure, the days of the Compliance Officer are coming to an end, and VAR must replace it.

Not to mention better refs.

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  1. But they canny fix the var to there advantage so that ile be a no no,corrupt ridden scum
    Mone the saints💪
    WATP 55🇬🇧

  2. And just in Kris boyd dropped fae sky sports coverage tonight of septic v st mirren due to moaning greeting sweety wife septic fans😂😂😂more corruption,thats ok get the walker and partner to piss off from our games fannies
    55 YA BASS💪

    • There is a petition to get W.nker and C.cker off or games get it signed cant stand the pair of them and there hatred towards us

  3. How many times do we have to do this shit, it’s becoming every week I’m tired of it , it’s actually making me stop looking at any Scottish Football news outwith Rangers bonafide Media .We the Famous are screwed over by Rome led bias that has totally infiltrated our game in Scotland. OK they hate Rangers it’s fucking obvious and every time our players do something on field everybody sees it and says we did wrong . It’s corrupt for fuck sake . We should just keep winning titles to ram it right up the lot of them, we should also boycott anything SFA including Scotland (Green Led too)
    Onwards 55 FYTIAR , WATP GSTQ

  4. rangers need to fight this it has to be coming to th point of legal action against a system tht is clearly effecting 1 team more than others over years not just one season… behind closed doors we should be letting a good legal team at them to fight this system… var isn’t th answer either it would only be the same bias leaning 1 way system only used against teams tht play in blue… lawyers are what they are needing to sort it out there must be plenty evidence every game has cameras at it i doubt there woukd be not proven out come

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