“Frankly stupid” – as Rangers put four past Antwerp

“Frankly stupid” – as Rangers put four past Antwerp
No wonder they were so dejected.... (Photo by DIRK WAEM/BELGA MAG/AFP via Getty Images)

What a match!

As we exclusively predicted days before the match, Rangers did score FOUR goals, and being blunt we could have scored six or seven.

Yeh, we were told these high scoring games only occurred in PS4, and not at this level in the real world, but the way Antwerp were set up, they were just asking for trouble, and they just were not ready at this high level to try their frankly stupid 3-4-2-1 (3-6-1) formation.

In fact, we can say we were 100% spot on with our predictions.

They prefer the right wing in attack (check).

They like the surprise long range shot on goal (check)

And they were wide open to a perfectly placed ball over the top (check).

The only thing we got wrong was the loss of Dieumerci Mbokani to injury before the match, and I was surprised they did not have Koji Miyoshi on from the beginning.

Being blunt this was a very important victory, because it was no fluke that we scored four against this team, and they were lucky to get their dodgy penalty, and they were massively lucky that we lost Tavernier to a knee injury.

We all hope that the injury is not serious, because if anyone deserves to play in the final matches of the Europa League and the match where we finally win the 55 it’s wee Tav. The only one left in the team from our time in the lower leagues.

Yeh, it’s going to be a very different game in the second leg in Glasgow. But I think that the rest of Europe is now beginning to realise that last year was no fluke.

They now realise, just like everyone else did (too late), that Rangers are no mugs, and it’s now clear that Scotland (sorry Rangers) is more than ready to take over Belgium’s position in the UEFA’s Ranking. And to put how good our performances have been in Europe, in the other games played last night, Young Boys beat Bayer Leverkusen (4:3), which shows we should never have rolled over the way we did last year, and Benfica drew against Arsenal (1:1). Enough said.

The only sad thing about the game is of course, the thought that I think everyone had the moment Tav had to come off, and was struggling to stay on because there was no natural cover for him.

Nathan’s moment had finally arrived.

At that moment everyone wished he was available. He is a fabulous player, period

But…. if these absolute eejits just don’t have a brain, and they’re so unbelievably selfish, that they’re all OK with damaging our chance to get 55, or to do well in Europe, just so they could drink a beer with a few friends while in lockdown, there needs to be consequences.

But this morning, we can be happy with a well-earned victory, which really should have been 4:0 or 5:0 just as we had predicted.

Next week it’s going to be interesting to see how Antwerp changes their tactics, because they will not be so lucky again.

Yep there is still a lot of work to be done, but Rangers now have a fabulous chance to progress to the last 16, for the second year running.

And this year there is no reason why we cannot go a lot further.

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