Farce in SPFL as Celtic get desperate over Covid…

Farce in SPFL as Celtic get desperate over Covid…
There there Scott, you can maybe try to win it next season.... (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

No sooner has Rangers’ Covid breach been confirmed by Steven Gerrard than timothy starts bumping his gums about points deductions and ‘null and void’.

Let’s be clear, this is desperation from the eastern hordes, desperation to stop 55 and avoid losing the league they have absolutely no right to even contemplate reversing.

And let’s also be clear – if there were any points deductions, then we probably have to take 10 off for Bolingoli, 20 off for Dubai, and another 5 off for Shane Duffy. So, 35 points deduction for them if they want us to get a deduction for this. How’s that sound?

The calls for null and void are an embarrassment. An absolutely comical tactic from a support so desperate to stop 55 and gift themselves a free pass second attempt at winning their ‘10IAR’.

And it will be disregarded as such.

Rangers’ players guilty of these breaches are a disgrace, and no one, not a single supporter has a word of sympathy for them.

There is no defence nor do we want any.

But demanding the entire season gets axed on the dumb actions of some morons?

Absolutely pathetic.

With Liewell having quit, and a glut of rats deserting the SFA and SPFL’s sinking ship, don’t assume Celtic still have the influence in high places they used to – and a request like this is going to ignored somewhat.


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  1. 😂😂😂 hey there you with the sad face come up to my place and live it up🍾🍻
    The Glasgow Rangers we’r back where we belong the blue sea of ibrox is still going strong💪

  2. There is no way the season will be made null and void. By the SPFL’s own rules once you have played 75% of the season then null and void is off the table. We have now played 29 games which meets the 75% limit. Also, let’s face it we could shut down for 2 months and still have time to complete the season.

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