Developments at SFA could see VAR arriving in Scotland

Developments at SFA could see VAR arriving in Scotland
Ah VAR....

When we raised the subject of the new SFA Compliance Officer Andrew Phillips being appointed, one of the most pungent issues raised in response was the imminent subsequent arrival of VAR in Scottish football.

Now that Lawwell’s fingers are no longer entrenched in every pie north of the border, and Clare Whyte is about to leave, Phillips’ arrival heralds a new age of football in this country where we’d like to think that fairness and justice will accompany it all.

And that means, finally, the SPL chugs its way slowly into the 21st century by finally at long last installing a VAR system to at last give referees the support they need.

The fact that some of the most backwater leagues around the world actually have VAR and yet the good old SPL still doesn’t only highlights how ridiculously our country’s game has been governed for far too long.

But with a new Compliance Officer and the dawn of a new age, it is a very high chance the powers that be will be encouraged to install the replay system.

Now, before you get wound up and say VAR is a shambles, no it isn’t – it’s like any other tool, it has a purpose. The problem down south and in the Champions League is when it is misused – it’s there at the disposal of officials but they are the ones to decide how to use it.

At its base level it’s a fine way to enhance the correctness of decisions, and we hope the use of it becomes more streamlined in time.

But the point is we might finally see this technology employed in our game at long last.

Kind of absurd how far behind Scotland are.

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  1. I welcome it, long long overdue, l wouldn’t say our refs are biased, it’s just that they are absolutely garbage at their job, Broon the Lego eater would get sent off nearly every week

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