Come in Clare Whyte, where are you?

Come in Clare Whyte, where are you?
(Former) compliance officer?

As you’ll have seen today, we’ve been looking a lot at the disciplinary discrepancies in Scottish football, especially where Rangers are involved.

For those of you who don’t know, since Steven Gerrard took charge, there have been 12 red cards for Rangers and only 6 for Celtic, while Rangers have had 5 retro bans and Celtic, injured Ryan Christie aside, have had none.

So there is an institutional bias for sure, and that’s only one part of it.

But there’s a glaring issue in the very heart of the SFA – who the hell is the Compliance Officer now?

Clare Whyte, in December, was confirmed to be stepping down ‘early in the new year’ but while continued citations have flown out of Mount Florida, we’re not absolutely sure who’s behind them.

The best our press can do is say ‘a’ Compliance Officer, but we don’t know who that is.

Where are you Clare Whyte? Are you still in the building? Are you gone?

Different sources claim different things, and there’s no denying her tenure has been the most controversial of the lot.

A season ticket holder at Parkhead, Whyte’s biases have clearly impacted her ability to do her job impartially, but she’s just the latest in that job to have affiliations with Parkhead.

Vince Lunny sure did, and Tony McGlennan did too.

The job position was devised in 2008 by former SFA CEO Stuart Regan, perfect timing for screwing over Rangers’ title run and pursuit of the Uefa Cup, and it’s remained in place since, with a clear agenda in favour of Celtic.

But as for who has the gig now, we couldn’t tell you.

It could still be Whyte, or she may indeed have left the building now.

One thing is for sure, the citations haven’t stopped…

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  1. They trying everything to stop the famous even stv are a member of the establishment the girls brigade fuckin desperados
    Do what u want u never stop the famous
    WATP and the leagues ours 😂55 ya bass
    No surrender

  2. And who are the Referee’s Panel that decides someone’s guilt (in our case). Absolutely no transparency. Glad to hear we are challenging the Roofe citation. The referee clearly saw what happened and showed a yellow card. By the SFA’s own rules that should be the end of it. There is no shortage of evidence that shows we are unfairly targeted.

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