Celtic troll makes wildly bizarre Rangers claims

Celtic troll makes wildly bizarre Rangers claims
It's his call....

As we mentioned earlier, Lubo Moravcik got himself in the papers again, praising Rangers and 55, and slapping all things Celtic in the face.

Thing is, he IS a well-known troll and he just had to get in a small, idiotic, and frankly barmy dig in about Rangers among all the positive press.

Despite applauding Steven Gerrard and his men for their amazing season, he somehow managed to confabulate it entirely by saying Rangers and Celtic can’t compete in Europe.

True, Celtic are absolute beef mince at that level, so he’s absolutely right on that front.

But Rangers? He said back in his day the Glasgow teams could compete with Europe, but now they’re miles away from being in the top 10.

We don’t even know where to begin with these bizarre claims.

First off, in his day, around 2000-2005 at Parkhead, Celtic were awesome at home in the CL but absolutely ghastly away from it. They beat some huge sides at home, but got destroyed by Barnet FC away at that level. So their ‘competing’ on that front was odd. Rangers were much more even, doing modestly to solid in Europe at overall levels home and away.

Secondly, Rangers have been sensational in Europe under Stevie, handing world class sides their backsides repeatedly.

But neither club has ever been close to being a ‘top 10’ in Europe – what a bizarre assertion.

We wonder if something was deeply lost in translation here because Moravcik cannot praise our domestic season in this way but somehow slander us in Europe despite us being at the very top.

It’s beyond bonkers.

Or maybe he’s just mad.

Who knows?

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  1. Another mouth piece that hasn’t done any research. So many so called “experts” know bugger all, yet constantly get asked about us. It’s all about the Rangers.

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