Analysis – what exactly have Rangers got in Scott?

Analysis – what exactly have Rangers got in Scott?
The new boy....

Rangers last night secured Scott Wright on a £150,000 permanent deal, the 23-year old signing a four and a half year deal – depending on who you read Ross McCrorie went the other way, but either way the former Rangers man is a permanent Don now.

But we’re interested only in our players and Scott Wright, as someone who plays anywhere across the front three, is a very curious and intriguing signing.

His career, we’ll be brutally honest, isn’t great – it’s solid, we suppose, with 79 appearances for the Dons but just 11 assists and 7 goals. But on the face of it he doesn’t look any more impressive than Brandon Barker who has 4 goals and 4 assists in half the appearances in the SPL and he has a similar diabolical injury history to the former Man City man.

Even Barker looked good at times for Hibs.

Now, let’s not be harsh here – Wright is now one of us, and he has our backing.

But the Barker signing was an error, and was a bit of panic – and we can be honest about that. And we suggested at the time that it wasn’t a good addition and we were cautious.

We’re the same about Wright.

We know there will be the usual types reading this thinking, ‘ffs give him a chance and get behind him’.

Bore off.

We’re not like other sites and groups who will blindly praise anything Rangers sign without looking at the details – sometimes our club gets signings wrong, but we always back the players and support them.

We back every Rangers player, indeed, but that doesn’t mean we can’t assess a player’s CV and give our own opinion about how good they are.

We hope Wright turns out a gem of a signing, a hidden raw diamond who Stevie gets the best from. Maybe this is the right club for the kid to really thrive at – who could have ever seen Virgil Van Dijk being that good, but Klopp willingly paid an initially laughable sum for him, seeing what others couldn’t.

And we will indeed watch with interest and cross our fingers this kid is the belting competition Ryan Kent needs.

Welcome to Rangers Scott!

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  1. Having seen the young man with SS he looks competent , he’s also young enough to improve and the coaching he will receive at Ibrox will be on different level to the sheep. He will also see what it’s like to be at Rangers and all that means both financially for him and his treatment as a Rangers player. It’s on a whole new level as we all know. Look at Ryan Jack good solid player at the Sheep , since he came to Ibrox different class , injuries aside . Welcome Scott looking forward to what you bring .

  2. I’d be lying if I said I knew anything about the boy before he played against us. Based on the fact he done Goldson for pace, pegged and borderline embarrased BB in the same game, he’s a considerably better option than Barker!

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