An Ibrox Noise Statement

An Ibrox Noise Statement
We'll be back....(Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Yesterday we broke you a story about a covid breach involving Nathan Patterson and Calvin Bassey.

We were abused by many of our own fans, calling us ‘tims’ and the rest of it, claiming we were liars.

We will always, ALWAYS hold our hands up on Ibrox Noise to honest errors. We get information from sources and they can get it wrong occasionally. And it’s us who take the fall, not them. That’s the nature of what we do.

But this time, as you will now know, this story was indeed completely legitimate and the club has announced ‘an incident’ and is investigating.

We got a few apologies for the abuse we received, but naturally the majority of ‘assailants’ fumed instead at the players.

We will always bring our stories to you with honesty, heart and our guts – that doesn’t mean we’re always right, but it means our intentions are true.

So the next time you read something on Ibrox Noise you don’t like, maybe hold off from suggesting we’re lying tims eh?

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