5th place and dying – Rangers dodged a GIANT bullet

5th place and dying – Rangers dodged a GIANT bullet
He was signed in 2015 alongside this man.... (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

November, 2017. Rangers, beleaguered off another failed manager got desperate, and earmarked Derek McInnes for the role.

It was agreed, and the Dons manager would take over at the new year. Our sources at the club refused to confirm the paperwork yet because it wasn’t signed, but yes, that was the intention.

Early December, Rangers fans heard the news that McInnes had changed his mind at the last moment. That he was turning down the Rangers job.

Ibrox Noise was on record at the time as being absolutely delighted by this news.

We were never convinced by him as the next boss – his career in management has been deeply underwhelming, despite winning the League Cup, and his time in England was completely pathetic, a bit like Neil Lennon’s.

If ever Rangers made a mistake, it was targeting McInnes, and if ever a chance idea that popped into Mark Allen’s admittedly slightly desperate head at the time was a good one, it was dramatically changing tact and going for Steven Gerrard.

If ever Rangers avoided the biggest bullet and got the call right, it was McInnes’ bottle crashing and us going left field.

Can you imagine Rangers under McInnes? Bland, ineffective football and signing half of the Aberdeen team?

We’d be a joke in Europe, and we’d be nowhere near 55.

And now look at Aberdeen – 5th in the table and sinking further, his coat is on a shoogly peg to say the least.

If Derek McInnes isn’t a good enough manager for a side as bad as Aberdeen, there isn’t any way he’s good enough for our B team never mind seniors.

What a let off.

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  1. It wasn’t just McInnes. At various times our fans were calling for Tommy Wright, Jack Ross, Sam Allardyce, Alan Pardew etc. Gerrard was an inspired choice.

    • Agreed on Ross, Allardyce and Pardew, but Wright is an excellent manager. Agree he wouldn’t have got us to the level Stevie has.

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