Why Rangers REALLY want Scott Wright…

Why Rangers REALLY want Scott Wright…
STAVANGER, NORWAY - SEPTEMBER 17: Viljar Vevatne of Viking Stavanger and Scott Wright of Aberdeen battle for the ball during the UEFA Europa League second qualifying round match between Viking Stavanger and Aberdeen at Viking Stadion on September 17, 2020 in Stavanger, Norway. (Photo by Andrew Halseid-Budd/Getty Images)

As much as the Scott Wright deal remains in slight limbo amidst negotiations between the parties, there’s a question from Rangers fans as to what it is that attracts Stevie to this lad.

23, never really stood out massively as a top class player but did show some promise. His career stats are solid if not incredible, so what is it that Scott Wright has that potential swap players like Brandon Barker, Glenn Middleton and Jordan Jones don’t?

Scottish homegrown status, that’s what.

All squads must register a minimum of 8 homegrown players with four of them from their own youth setup, under UEFA rules, and Rangers are always looking for ways to circumnavigate that.

At present Rangers have McGregor, Patterson, Jack, Stewart, and Barjonas as the only five homegrown players in the squad.

A number of the loans out do too, such as Murphy and ironically McCrorie, but these guys aren’t in favour under Steven Gerrard.

But Wright is a homegrown player the manager seems to rate, so that would clearly be of great interest in helping fulfilling the quota for the Europa League last 32.

Of course, being Scottish and homegrown isn’t enough, the manager needs to rate the player – and for better or for worse he didn’t rate Docherty, Hastie, McCrorie or Murphy enough so they only fit half of the bill.

But Wright appears to fit all of it.

Now remember if you don’t have all 8 of these players you’re not barred from the UEL, it just means you lose out on one foreign player per missing homegrown.

So the more homegrown we have, the bigger a squad we can have for the UEL.

And right now that is a teeny weeny problem, we must admit.

One a signing like Wright can help.

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