Walter Smith back at Ibrox

Walter Smith back at Ibrox
One teaching another.....

We alluded to this yesterday with the Goram and McGregor comparison and the late Tommy Burns’ testimony that his epitaph would be ‘Andy Goram broke my heart’, but there really was an awful lot of the 9IAR Rangers in our win over Celtic.

The visiting side playing much the better football on the day, just like Burns’ Celtic did back in the 90s, with shot after shot, but unable to beat the keeper and the blue half of Glasgow taking the win on the day.

It was a very very Walter-esque display from Rangers, with frankly grafting defensive and containing football before taking the win – what we’d call ‘winning’ football, ‘effective’ football.

The whole success of Walter all those years ago was that his teams ground out wins no matter how badly they played, that Celtic were always second best even when they were the better team.

And that’s exactly what happened yesterday.

Some curious souls in our support believe yesterday’s win was ‘deserved’. That we earned the win.

The reality is it’s somewhere in between. We didn’t manage a shot on target in the whole 90 minutes and still won – that’s not earning it, but it equally doesn’t matter.

The only thing that does is that we did win – and that’s the Walter comparison.

We’ve said it before – we’d take ugly winning football over pretty losing football any day of the week, and while we’re sure Stevie is going to freshen things up over the next few weeks, that Walter-esque display yesterday of grinding out results when up against it is exactly why we’re the best team in Scotland again.

Just like it should be.

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  1. Great to see Sir Walter in the ground yesterday , sensibly in the warmth . He did lay down a life marker at Rangers in what he achieved and SG has obviously been looking and listening during his own tenure so far to what the great man did and how he is held in so much esteem at Ibrox . WATP Sir Walter . There was reflections of that yesterday…oh for a Gazza or a Lauder’s though !!

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