The Greatest Farce in the World as Neil Lennon melts

The Greatest Farce in the World as Neil Lennon melts
Who's laughing at you, kid....

We’ve had a little time to digest Neil Lennon’s meltdown today, and yes, we’re going to cover it.

It’s actually bewildering, laughable that Lennon has played the victim here when not a single sanction has actually been carried out on his club, the SFA ignored it, and the government just told them off.

Meanwhile two Rangers players were banned for 7 matches for attending a party.

Lennon’s comments are those of a broken man, an emotional, reactionary pile of absolute nonsense which ignores the reality of the situation and simply pleads that they’re the wronged one.

That the whole world has seen what Celtic has done and been laughing at them tells its own story – of course, it’s much more serious than that, but that’s been the biggest punishment Celtic have faced.

And indeed, that’s why this meltdown is taking place.

Celtic have enjoyed being the centre of the hierarchy, being the institution and establishment – they thought the world loved them.

Now all this mockery and telling off is being meted their way and it’s literally the kid throwing his toys out of his pram and crying foul.

In short, what respect Celtic thought they commanded in Scotland and globally has been exposed as a sham, and melted away.

They are now a laughing stock, derided by the media and getting nothing their own way any more.

And they cannot handle this.

Hence the real punishment they’ve had is a complete loss of credibility.

And guess what – it’s hurting them. After being TGFITW the club is The Greatest Farce in the World and Lennon ain’t happy.

What a spoiled club.

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  1. This is the story that just keeps giving. Lennon just doesn’t get it. Even now after heaps of criticism and ridicule he doesn’t understand that they shouldn’t have gone to Dubai. And even now he’s still trying to pass it off as a trip to “get a volume of training that they couldn’t get here”. Quite why they couldn’t train in Lennoxtown is beyond me. Also if it was to be a trip to train why was the injured Jullien there.
    Then to top it all he says that ONLY one player came back with Covid and that was a credit to the Covid protocols put in place. No mention of the subsequent havoc wreaked upon his squad. Or the risk put upon other innocent people. And if I heard correctly he said Jullien was the only case in the party of 60. If this was a training trip why the hell was there 60 people there and what were they doing. This indeed sounds very much like a club “jolly”.

  2. We’r doing the bouncy all over the world💪👏👏👏🍾🍻
    Lets enjoy this fuckin puppet show at parkheed,lemmons on another planet,1 rule for septic and all the rest can die and suffer he doesnt give a fuck,he thinks hes hard done by having him and his team to self isolate idiot,and another one of them has has tested postive theres a suprise,get them all tested before the next match COVID FC right enough

  3. Lennon has a habit of this sort of nonsense and generally gets a bit of a reaction from his charges in the SPL after slating something, whether that be the team itself or referees etc. Doing all he can to create the Us Vs Them mentality out of thin air. It’s also probable that he sees noising up the First Minister as one of the only ways to get the league halted. However, it’s hilarious seeing as he literally contradicts himself and his clubs own position. Keep the banner years rolling!

  4. It’s hilarious the blog guys will love this there will be even more piss takes lolol 😃 It’s pathetic . I love to watch their demise from a very shoggly tower of false titles and manipulation . They were wrong totally on all counts. However I would add caution as to your allegations that the rotten mob are being derided and mocked by all in Scotland , that’s definitely not true or what I hear. There are more Rangers haters in Scotland than rotten mob castigaters by a mile . So whilst I love it totally and will enjoy every bit of plunging the sword when we win 55 , I have concerns .

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