Sky Sports make huge pro-Rangers & anti-Celtic jibe

Sky Sports make huge pro-Rangers & anti-Celtic jibe
They hate the Rangers...

Sky Sports stalwart Jeff Stelling continued the mickey take of Celtic yesterday after the legendary presenter bragged about Rangers’ load and mocked Celtic.

Rangers, of course, have a ridiculous lead in the SPL, the biggest ever gap between both sides, despite the fact Celtic have a more expensive-assembled team, and the legend of Soccer Saturday was quick to put the boot in:

“Rangers are 23 points clear of Celtic who have 3 games in hand. But let’s be honest, that’s totally irrelevant now(!)”

Everyone and his dog are now extracting the proverbial urine from all things east Glasgow, and we have to admit we’re absolutely loving it.

The fact that Celtic can still gain a colossal 9 points and close that gap to 14 is… literally not a fact, because we all know they’ll slip up at the absolute least once among those three matches.

It’s not even anything useful for them, because no matter what they do, Rangers are just too far ahead.

In truth, as much as us Bluenoses are loving the lead, it’s actually a disgrace from Celtic, to watch them unfold and embarrass themselves.

Scottish football deserved a title fight, and two decent teams locking horns.

Mind you, doesn’t mean we won’t laugh at them.

After all, Jeff says it’s ok…

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